Jungle Adventures

Jungle Bay offers an exciting launching pad to explore the almost unending natural attractions of Dominica. Daily hikes, activities and excursions are available for all fitness and endurance levels.

Nature lovers will enjoy going off the beaten path along remote trails that take you to the many unique waterfalls, mountain pools and mineral springs that make Dominica the "Nature Island of the Caribbean".

The following jungle excursions are available from Jungle Bay.

Famous Hikes and Nature Walks in Dominica

Victoria Falls

Walk along and through the scenic White River, climb boulders up to the falls and swim in the therapeutic pool under the thunderous waterfall. Waterproof camera case highly recommended. MODERATE-DIFFICULT 

Sari Sari Falls

Hike along the banks of Sari Sari River under the rainforest canopy while scrambling over rocks and boulders and making three river crossings. At the end, enjoy the opportunity to swim at the waterfall pool. MODERATE 

Glasse Trail

Hike along a traditional fisherman’s pass to volcanic craters on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy breathtaking coastal scenery along the trail and get the chance to wade in ocean pools. Plenty of great photos! MODERATE 

Boiling Lake

Explore Dominica’s famous wonder & UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stops along the way include the mysterious Valley of Desolation, hot water pools and the famous Titou Gorge. Hike is 3 hours each way and a packed lunch is provided. EXTREME 

Zom Zom Trail

This trail will lead you to a fishermen’s point which was used in the past (and still is) by fishermen for line fishing from the rocks. It offers a spectacular view of the coastline! It takes about 30 to 40 minutes each way and at the end of the trail you will arrive at a cliff. If you wish to climb down to the lava rocks below, a rope is provided; please use it for assistance. Please note that this part of the trail is very difficult and we advise that you stop here if you are not comfortable climbing down. MODERATE-DIFFICULT 

Perdu Temps Trail

Retrace the footsteps of Dominica’s “maroons” (run-away slaves). This hike is part of the historic Perdu Temps trail and takes about one and a half hour through secondary forest, mainly flat terrain and some river crossings. It gets steep and narrow as you approach the end and opens up to an area often described as “paradise” or “the Garden of Eden”! Pick fresh fruits off the trees, explore Pump’s isolated organic farm with a huge variety of exotic fruits and vegetables and tour Pump’s “healing garden” with an assortment of healing plants/natural medicine. Pump’s and his family warmly welcome you to their home, which they kindly open to Jungle Bay guests, due to the close relationship they have with Sam – the Owner of Jungle Bay. This tour is one of our guests’ “favorites” and should not be missed! MODERATE 

White River Nature Walk

Take a walk to the nearby White River (10 walking minutes away from the Jungle Bay Reception) and enjoy an energizing and therapeutic swim in the natural pools of the river. Next, continue on to a nearby coastal rock beach along the Atlantic Ocean. 

Trafalgar Falls (combined with Roseau Market Tour)

Visit the capital city and explore the last authentic community market in the Eastern Caribbean. An opportunity for souvenir shopping (local currency or US dollars in small bills advised). Next, a scenic drive to Trafalgar Falls leads you to the beautiful twin waterfalls with great swimming in both hot and cool pools.

For more information, take a look at our Weekly Activities Schedule.

"There is only one way to understand Dominica, you have to walk across it and along it."
Alec Waugh Typical Dominica, 1948

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