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Getting to the Nature Isle of Dominica

As one of the most lush escapes in the Windward Islands, Dominica is truly an untouched escape where adventurous explorers and wellness enthusiasts alike can discover a deeper connection. Though it’s remote location is exactly what makes it so intriguing, seasonal travel schedules can make retreats here a reality.

Dominica has two airports: Douglas Charles Airport (DOM), which accommodates most of the  international travel, as well as Canefield Airport (DFC), a smaller commuter option near the capital city of Roseau.

Airlines With Serviceto Dominica

From USA

American Airlines
American Airlines now offers nonstop daily  flights from Miami (MIA) DIRECT to Dominica (DOM)
Contact: +1-800 433 7300

Other USA Airlines 
Travel via Delta, JetBlue, United Airlines depart from the USA to various hubs the Caribbean usually to:
San Juan (SJU)
Antigua (ANU)
Bridgetown (BGI)
St. Maarten (SXM)
St. Thomas (STT)
Then purchase flights with a Caribbean airline for the remainder of your journey as per options below.

From Canada

American Airlines

Travel to Miami (MIA) then connect to Dominica (DOM)


Air Canada & Westjet
Travel via Air Canada or WestJet to:
San Juan (SJU)
Bridgetown Barbados (BGI)
Antigua (ANU)

Then purchase flights with a Caribbean airline for the remainder of your journey as per options below.

From Europe

British Airways & Air France
Travel via British Airways or Air France to:

Antigua (ANU)
Martinique (FDF)
Guadeloupe (PTP)
St. Maarten (SXM)

Then purchase flights with a Caribbean airline for the remainder of your journey as per options below.

Caribbean Connections

Winward Islands Airways (WINAIR)
Scheduled flights Guadeloupe (PTP) and Dominica (DOM) to St. Maarten (SXM) with connection to San Juan (SJU)
Contact: 767.445.8936 | 721.545.2568

Liat Airlines
Direct connections to Dominica from Antigua (ANU) and Barbados (BGI) on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
Contact: 767.445.7242 | 888.844.5428 | 268.480.5602

Service offered between Guadeloupe (PTP) and Dominica (DOM) to St. Maarten (SXM) and San Juan (SJU).
Contact: 767.449.0261 | 0 890 648 648

Offers scheduled flights around the Caribbean
Contact: +1 649.946.4999 | 855.507.2496

Caribbean Airlines
Nonstop service to/from Dominica to Barbados (BGI) and Trinidad with connections to regional and international destinations including New York, Miami, the UK, Toronto and Guyana.
Contact USA/Canada & St. Maarten: +1 800 920 4225
Contact Other Caribbean: +1 800 744 2225

Silver Airways
To Dominica (DOM) from San Juan (SJU) on Tuesdays, Thursday, Saturdays and Sundays. Bookings can be done through major airlines, such as American Airlines, Jet Blue and Delta.
Contact: +1 801 401 9100

Sunrise Airways

Daily flights from Antigua (ANU) to Dominica (DOM)

Reservation center MONDAY to FRIDAY from 6am to 7pm, SATURDAY and SUNDAY from 6am to 6pm.
WhatsApp (only for chat support): +509 39 11 2222
USA and the rest of the World: 1 877 652 0202


L'Express des iles
Contact: +590 (0) 590 919 520

map showing route from the airport to Jungle Bay

Routes to Dominica

Jungle Bay is located on the southwest coast of Dominica above the village of Soufriere. This map shows the best route to reach Jungle Bay from Douglas Charles Airport via the capital of Roseau.

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Google Map:

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