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Things To Do In Soufriere Island Adventures Around Dominica

Dominica and adventure go hand in hand. The “Nature Island of the Caribbean” is well suited for those who love to explore by land and sea. No matter what your fitness or endurance level, there are plenty of things to do in Soufriere to fill your day with incredible moments of awe, wonder, and appreciation of nature.

Diving & Sea Adventures

Sea adventures around Dominica—bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea—can include everything from kayaking and diving to whale and dolphin watching. 

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The bird-watching heaven of Dominica is home to 175 species. We can arrange custom itineraries where you can expect to see parrots, hummingbirds and other spectacular winged creatures.

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Experience Dominican Culture

No visit to Dominica would be complete without an opportunity to experience all that makes this island unique, including its enticing music, impressive handicrafts, Creole cuisine and immersive art community.

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For adventure at its best, go canyoning through spectacular rainforest gorges, where being quick and nimble on your feet and ready for anything is the order of the day.

Adventure Packages

Adventure Wellness Package

Our signature inclusive Adventure Wellness Package is the ultimate way to discover the Nature Island of the Caribbean—a world of exploration and relaxation that allows you to escape any way you’d like.

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Signature Dive Package

Within minutes of Jungle Bay, you can be in the water exploring the volcanic sea walls of Dominica, which dramatically plunge 500 meters deep, while showcasing stunning seascapes and a vibrant marine life habitat. Here, you’ll find some of the most colorful and healthy reef systems in the Caribbean. With hot-water fumaroles and volcanic pinnacles swarming with schools of fish, you’ll know you’ve discovered something unique. 

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Group Dive Package

Gather a few of your fellow divers and embark on underwater exploration together, witnessing Dominica’s most beautiful treasures, including unspoiled reefs, vibrant marine populations and dramatic seascapes—equipment, transportation and accommodations included.

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