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Jungle Bay Stories The Soul of Dominica

The soul of Nature Isle comes alive through stories rich in dedication and love for the land. Hear from our in-the-know community to uncover an authentic narrative of our captivating destination. Learn local wisdom and expert insights to enrich your wellness journey.

The People Behind Paradise

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Eco Talks with Sam

Dominica-born Developer Sam Raphael shares how he and his talented, dedicated team were able to transform a childhood dream into a model for sustainable tourism. Become a part of the evolving story of Jungle Bay Dominica, where the Caribbean is experienced through wellness-centered travel.

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Meet Stacy

Hear from the talented Head Landscaper at Jungle Bay Resorts. With a passion for crafting lush, sustainable environments, she ensures our tropical paradise is a blend of luxury and nature. Stacey’s expertise transforms every corner, offering guests an unforgettable experience.

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Botanical Bliss

Nestled on 20 acres of lush land, Jungle Bay greeted me with a tapestry of exotic plants and trees – avocados, nutmeg, rosemary, hibiscus, moringa, cinnamon, and bay leaf, creating a botanical haven. Their commitment to holistic well-being extended to the spa, where oils from medicinal herbs enhanced the rejuvenating experience.

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Beyond the Ordinary

This isn’t the typical Caribbean retreat; instead, it is an immersive experience filled with challenging hikes, incredible nature, and breathtaking vistas. The warmth and expertise of our guides made every trek unforgettable. Exploring the local flora and fruit trees, they shared their passion for the island, creating a journey that surpassed any other hiking adventure I’ve encountered worldwide.

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Beyond the Balcony

Stepping onto the balcony, I encountered a postcard view of rolling emerald hills flourishing with moringa, soursop, mango, papaya, and pomegranate trees. The farm-to-table concept delighted my taste buds as these treasures made their way into delectable meals. It was a tranquil escape, where nature and luxury seamlessly coexisted, creating beautiful moments at Jungle Bay.

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